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Dear Friend,

You will find Huawei (hereinafter referred to as the HW) R&d positions, it can help you to understand directions we develop in Russia (d is not capital, because of meaning, not by mistake). Now we have over 200 m/f researchers in Moscow. Recently we hired over 15 candidates working at Saint-Petersburg office. We develop new algorithms for products & services that will help HW to lead on the global market in nearest 2+ years. We are looking for people who can do well programming and algorithm development, technical and people management, who has vision of future of ICT world. Nearly 1/2 of our colleagues are holding PhD degree and above. At the same time one of our colleagues (he holds fellow position, which is the highest technical position at our company) holds Specialist degree from Bauman University. Nearly 50% of our new colleagues this year can be young PhD students and fresh graduates, and all, who successfully realized innovative ideas, have valuable patents, publications, who won competitions for math and programming like we supported recently http://camp.acm.petrsu.ru/2017w/huawei. Welcome to join, consult or cooperate with HW. Then you are ahead of the others and have a good chance to increase your level even further. Let us together to open roads to a Better Connected World!

Andrey.golomazov@huawei.com +79859101496

Our Conditions

  • We are 129th from top500Fortune world companies
  • We are the global No. 1 telecom solution provider serving 45 of the world's top 50 operators. Double digit % growth in revenues every year since 2006, now we reach almost $60 billion
  • We invest in engineering and innovation a lot, about 80,000+ from our 170,000 global employees work in product and solution R&D across the globe, in 2015 invested nearly $8 billion in R&D
  • As we have several contracting methods we can find the balance with you, between engineering work, your research activity at university or academy, and your private life.
  • Compensation we offer is above of Russian average market level. For employees with good performance we offer additionally rate allowance that makes our compensation competitive on global market. Annual bonus for high performers up to ½ from annual fixed salary. Time-based Unit Plan (TUP) is a profit-sharing and bonus plan. In 5 years TUP can become the most significant part of total cash compensation. More details about TUP you can find here https://hbr.org/2015/09/HW-a-case-study-of-when-pr...
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