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Lending Solutions Group LLC is a Tech Hub of the global CashWagon Company.

CashWagon is a FinTech company with headquarters based in Singapore aimed to offer the next generation of financial services for people and companies of Asia-Pacific region.

We develop the most advanced IT-technologies and services for personal finances. We also provide the best professional solutions for finance companies across Asia using BigData, Credit Scoring, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, PDL and P2P technologies. Our web and mobile software platform helps to deliver inspired financial opportunities to population across APAC region. Core Team includes experienced professionals with wide international, banking and fintech experience.

CashWagon is a global company with offices in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri-Lanka, Vietnam and Cambodia. Our Tech Hub in Russia extends as aggressively as possible.

We believe that everyone should have access to equal job opportunities, provided with dignity, transparency, and care. We provide the opportunity to build successful career, and we’re invested in the long-term collaboration with our employees. 

17 апреля 2019
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