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Droice Labs is an international innovative company dedicated to the development of intelligent systems for supporting the adoption of medical solutions based on machine learning algorithms and the principles of personalized medicine. We work closely with doctors and try to make their daily work of medical practice easier and more convenient. Droice is an electronic medical practice assistant built on the basis of artificial neural networks, predicting various medical parameters and events, and thereby helping doctors cope with the most complex decisions and provide the most quality medical care to each patient.

Droice Labs brings the power of artificial intelligence to hospitals. The company's technology helps clinicians make better decisions for individual patients-like which drug combination to use. These software solutions are based on the combination of the latest medical research and learning algorithms. This allows doctors to consider all of their options in real-time and make the right decision. By giving doctors the information they need when they need it most, Droice has been shown to improve patient outcomes and streamlines.

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