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О компании

Ivinco is a boutique consultancy firm, working with selected clients from UK, Europe and USA. We provide application development, technical consulting and technical support services.

Ivinco is a fun place to work at. We always look for the best talents to join our team. We offer highly competitive salaries and benefits, like:

  • remote workplace (company will compensate computer of your choice, smartphone, internet connections, furniture, any other hardware/software/stuff you require to work efficiently and comfortably remotely)
  • self-development and education (company compensates expenses on any required training courses, books, webinars. Company sponsors trips to industry conferences, meetups, compensates tickets and hotel/travel expenses)
  • company compensates expenses on gym or any other sport activities
  • 30 paid vacation days per year
  • flexible work hours
  • company organizes meetings in nice places (eg. we had fun team meetings in Spain, Crete, Cyprus, Croatia, Sicily etc.) we allow people to bring their families

More info at http://www.ivinco.com

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