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Kafoodle are a London based award winning hospitality focussed food management software solutions business. Our systems help commercial kitchens to manage and socialise the allergen and nutritional content in all of their dishes and menus. We are Headquartered in Finsbury Square (in the heart of ‘Tech City’ London) and are a rapidly expanding company with a huge development roadmap and a vast portfolio of clients and prospects.

Our products include:

Kafoodle Kitchen

An easy-to-use, chef-friendly software solution to help businesses manage your ingredients, recipes, GPs and allergen and nutritional information.

Kafoodle App

  • Menus at your fingertips - Get connected to kitchens and salivate over restaurant menus on your phone, wherever you are.
  • Full allergen and dietary info - The world's your oyster (even if you're allergic to them). With Kafoodle, you'll know exactly what's in your food so you can eat with confidence.
  • Search by restaurant or location - Follow your favourite cafe or discover a hidden gem. Whatever you feel like, just Kafoodle it.

Kafoodle Kare

Kafoodle Kare is a software system for care organisations that brings together the medical details of residents with an organisation’s existing kitchen management system (with details of recipes) to generate quarterly meal plans for residents that are tasty, within budget and abide by any food restrictions their conditions/medications may impose.

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