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О компании

Strategic priorities

  • Focus on key competencies.

    We select projects based on the key competencies of our partners software, internet services including social andmobile applications.

  • Extended cloud ecosystem.

    We aim to efficiently utilize the resources of Parallels, Acronis, 1&1/United Internet and more – as an intellectual resource and as a sales channel.

  • 4 Barriers against competition.

    We look for projects with a high degree of ‘hard-to-clone’ or ‘long-to-clone’, potentially patentable IP – as a natural barrier against competition.

  • Efficient use of capital.

    We aim to invest on cofounder terms and prioritize projects with sensible development and marketing timeframes and budgets, and breakeven points.

  • Hands-on approach.

    Being able to actively guide and support the projects – business, engineering, operations, strategy, next step and liquidity.

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