О компании

Soshace is a community of professionals. Since 2015 we’ve made different projects with clients all over the world. Our clients are companies from the USA, The UK, Australia, Canada and Europe.

We are looking for a broad range of freelancers that fall into multiple categories including:

  • Front-end Developers (Angular, React),
  • Back-end Developers (Node.js, Python, Java),
  • Full-stack.

We have a large pool of job offers (from our clients) including job offers with relocation opportunities and a part-time workload (from 4 hours a day).We also offer remote work with hourly pay on exciting projects lasting 3 months and more.

01 апреля 2019
Soshace • Полный рабочий день • Можно удаленно
От 200 000 до 300 000 руб.
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