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WebKontrol strives to bring the shadow market to light by clamping down on illegal distribution channels and giving you the power to monetize your content. We aim to make the Internet a safe and profitable place to distribute your creative work.


With the explosion of the Internet, the global economy is increasingly being driven by intangible assets – movies, software, music, books, games, art – that can be distributed to millions of consumers at the click of a button. While this offers content creators enormous opportunities to reach an ever-proliferating audience, it also poses a colossal threat to their survival, as new technologies open up new ways to evade the law. That means lost box office revenues, lost DVD sales, lost opportunities for monetization, and lost tax revenues. Ultimately, it means fewer incentives for you to do what you do best: create.

As a copyright holder, you lack the technology and expertise to systematically track illegal content distribution while simultaneously clamping down on it and promoting legal channels. WebKontrol is here to help.

At WebKontrol, we’re all about harnessing the power of the rapidly evolving Internet for the benefit of copyright owners, consumers, and society as a whole. We understand the importance of protecting your creative products, revenues, and reputation, and most importantly, impacting your bottom line. That’s why we offer you a comprehensive, full-spectrum content protection solution and insightful market intelligence to accompany it.

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