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Yota Devices is a private company that produces hardware and software innovation-focused technology, including LTE routers and modems. It was spun off from the Yota Group in December 2011,Yota Group is an International Company founded in 2007.

A service provider of mobile broadband telecommunications. Yota has become the world’s largest WIMAX carrier in 2009. Since 2010, Yota provides LTE services throughout Russia and now is the largest LTE Carrier in East Europe and CIS with an active customer base of over 800,000 subscribers.

Adjacent to Yota’s integrated telecommunications business, Corporate has created Yota Devices. This company offers wireless connectivity devices such as smartphones, mobile hotspots, USB modems totaling 6% share of own products in the global LTE market. Since starting, Yota Devices has sold more than 3 million modems and portable routers with 1 million in sales in 2012 alone.

Yota Devices has corporate offices in Moscow, with a standing operational office in Singapore, R&D in Finland and plans for a North American office in US.

In terms of new smartphone project the company has chosen the strategy of the strengthen of expertise and experience at the strategic divisions inside the company. The functions which previously been outsourced, now will be leaded by strong skilled professionals, which will be hired to key vacancies.

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