Обо мне

Hi, my name is Auanassov Chingiz. I am ruby on rails full stack developer with 2 years experience. I use Macbook Pro 13 Retina

  • I love git, tdd, continuous integration, total development automatization.
  • I love deploy application and manage infrastructure with Opscode Chef or Ansible or Capistrano3
  • I love system and network administration network based on unix/windows systems.
  • I love write parsers, sniffers, etcI love research, reverse, and troubleshooting .

Frontend: Ajax, Websocket, AngularJS 1.X, Haml/Slim, Rails-Bower, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, Flat-ui, jQuery, AdminLTE

Backend: CanCan, Devise, ActiveAdmin, Rolify, AMS, Thin/Puma, Redis, Clockwork, API, Rescue

Env: Chef, Ansible, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis, HAProxy, Sidekiq, RubyMine, MongoDb, NewRelic

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