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I have great and unique experience in product management both in startups and a big company. I successfully worked as a head of large (7 millions DAU) web and mobile products for different platforms. I deeply understand User, Business and Technical requirements and equilibrium between them for each product.

Most relevant roles and projects:

* Founder at Unicorn Bay

* Founder and Product Director at AlterGeo, (#1 Russia's geolocation startup)

* Head of MyWorld@Mail.Ru (3rd social network in Russia with 30M+ monthly users, 200M+ total accounts).

* Product manager at Ahrefs - Singapore based Social Media and SEO tools service.

I create products for different mobile platforms and deeply understand the differences between them in design, ux, development, audience and so on.

Personal skills and approaches.

* Ability to make difficult product and business decisions.

* Attention to details.

* Strong focus on customer need and working in customer-centric approach.

* High analytical skills

* Strong data-driven thinking

Areas of Expertise:

  • Experienced Product Management and Product Positioning.
  • Project & Resource Management Small and Large Teams (70+ empoyees).
  • UI/UX Expertise.
  • Lean Start-up and Agile Development Methodologies.
  • High Analytical Skills.
  • Staff Management & Team Building.
  • Emerging Internet Technologies/Strategies.
  • Outsourced / Offshore Development.
  • Опыт работы
    Май 2015 — по настоящее время
    Founder & CEO
    Обязанности и достижения

    Founder and CEO of Unicorn Bay, easy to use professional finance tool for non-professional investors.

    Сентябрь 2014 — Июль 2015
    Product manager
    Обязанности и достижения

    Singapore based Social Media and SEO tools service for SEM/SMM/SEO professionals with one of the biggest and fastest backlinks index in the world.

    * Built several new products such as Content Explorer for content marketing and SMM professionals.
    * Built Positions Explorer, Keywords Explorer and Disavow Tool for SEO/SEM professionals
    * Built Domain Health for newbies in SEO area.
    * Each product involved new users and paid subscribers.
    * Significantly improved UX/UI experience.

    Август 2012 — Сентябрь 2014
    Руководитель проекта Мой Мир @Mail.ru
    Обязанности и достижения

    Development of a 3rd social network in Russia (30M+ monthly users, 200M+ total accounts).
    Product management, recruitment and organization of effective work of the project team (a total of 60+ employees). Improving the product quality and customer satisfaction. Planning, budgeting, marketing, etc.

    • Developed a strategic plan for the product
    • Formed a new product and technical team with a strong motivation
    • Launched mobile applications on iOS and Android with several millions monthly active users
    • Increased UX/UI experience and engagement, service performance and stability
    • Increased income of service

    Март 2008 — Июль 2012
    Обязанности и достижения

    Founded in 2008, AlterGeo (formerly known as Wi2Geo) develops a hybrid positioning system which combines the advantages of navigation based on WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, GPS, CDMA, IP and several other methods, and is an author of Russia's leading cross-platform location-based social networking service AlterGeo. In 2012 AlterGeo was the largest Russia’s social geolocation start-up with several millions funding.

    See more at: http://www.crunchbase.com/organization/altergeo

    • Developed a strategic plan for the product
    • Formed a new product vision and several business models for service
    • Launched mobile applications on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian
    • Launched mobile and web products with high attention to user experience and data-driven approach

    Октябрь 2007 — Июль 2008
    Системный архитектор, и.о. начальника отдела ИТ-проектов
    Обязанности и достижения

    Анализ, проектирование и внедрение ИТ-решений, улучшающих качество бизнеса банка: CRM-системы, ESB и другие

    Сентябрь 2006 — Октябрь 2007
    Обязанности и достижения

    Технические и биллинговые решения для IPTV

    Сентябрь 2005 — Январь 2009
    Палтус (хостинг-провайдер)
    Обязанности и достижения

    Небольшая хостинговая компания, совладелец

    Высшее образование
    Январь 2000 — Январь 2006
    МАИ (НИУ)
    Специализация и достижения

    CAD/CAE Architector

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