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Strong understanding of trends and 3+ years of experience developing sites and web applications on Frontend developer position. Proficient in modern JavaScript (ES6, ES7), React.js + Redux and related technologies. Familiarity with server-side web technologies and object-oriented concepts. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Here are some technologies, programming languages, and tools that I'm using for my projects or I have experience with:

: Vanilla JS, React.js + Redux, ES6, ES7, JQuery, React Native, Node.js, TypeScript

: HTML5, CSS3, Jade, SASS, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, Styled Components

: GraphQL(React Appollo), REST philosophy, public APIs (such as Google Maps, Yahoo Finance, TMDb)

: Gulp, Webpack

Feel free to contact me. Really welcome to any work offer!

Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
Июль 2017 — по настоящее время (1 год и 10 месяцев)
Frontend developer
Обязанности и достижения

- Developing websites and web applications from scratch and supporting released projects

- Focused on React.js + Redux

- Cooperating with designers, project managers, backend developers, QA engineers, and other frontend developers

- More than 10 different type projects have been released

- Junior developers training as a mentor

Применяемые навыки
Январь 2017 — по настоящее время (2 года и 4 месяца)
Frontend developer (Freelancer)
Обязанности и достижения
Применяемые навыки
Июль 2016 — Январь 2018 (1 год и 7 месяцев)
QA engineer
Обязанности и достижения

Cashier software testing for Linux using Qt framework and PostgreSQL Database. Presented bug reports to developers via bug tracker and handling quality assurance tasks.

Март 2016 — Май 2016 (3 месяца)
QA engineer
Обязанности и достижения

Created and executed manual smoke, functional, regression, system, integration and exploratory tests for mobile apps (iOS & Android). Presented bug reports to developers, handling quality assurance tasks.

Высшее образование
Сентябрь 2008 — Июнь 2015
Информатики и вычислительной техники
Специализация и достижения

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