Обо мне

I am a Python developer with a background working in financial markets building and executing trading strategies for Quantopian, TradingView and zipline framework.

I am experienced with building reporting systems that automate recurrent tasks, and presenting visually appealing data.

I have extensive experience using (Python 2.7-3.7.x,conda, pipenv, virtualenv, pandas,pip,highcharts,matplotlib,zipline) and statistical analysis to build algorithms that consume and analyse data from flat files, databases and other sources including live data streams.

I have built full backtesting systems and live trading systems.

I'm interested in analysing data, automating processes, and building systems both large and small to leverage statistical relationships and report clear, presentable information.

So I have analysis of algorithmic strategies in Quantopian, TradingView and zipline framework.

Research of trading strategies in the Jupiter Notebook (Python 3.x).



5 years of experience

sqlite3 python development

Linux/System/Network/DevOps administration/engineer

Python 2.7,3.5,3.7

Python debuggers:pdb,webpdb,ipdb

Python packages: pandas,highcharts,matplotlib,zipline,sqlite3,scrapy

Packet managers for python software installations: conda,pipenv,pip

Version control:TortoiseSVN,TortoiseHg,git,mercurial (preferred-working every day)

Another known software: webrtc-google p2p voice/video software

Reading/writing Еnglish (between A2-B1 Intermediate)

zeromq, twistd, rabbitMQ, Celery. (subscribe/unsubscribe chanells/Distributed Messaging).

Operate remote servers via SSH

Опыт работы
Частная практика, работа без зачисления в штат
Январь 2006 — По настоящее время (13 лет и 6 месяцев)
Высшее образование
Винницкий национальный технический университет; ВПИ; ВГТУ
Факультет: ИАЭиКСУ - Автоматики и компютерних систем управления
Сентябрь 1989—Сентябрь 1992 (3 года)