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Обо мне

Ищу работу менеджера продукта/проектов на удаленной основе.

Обладаю большим количеством навыков и компетенций в сфере управления проектами.

До недавнего времени успешно руководил собственным проектом, вывел его на полную самоокупаемость и прибыль.

Опыт работы
Сентябрь 2016 — Январь 2018 (1 год и 5 месяцев)
Product Owner
Обязанности и достижения

MMJHerb was online medical marijuana evaluation centre in California. The idea to realize this project came to me during the study of perspective US markets. I managed the project from the start to the monthly profit of more than $10,000.

My direct terms of reference included:

The Management

My duties, as a manager, were: tracking key project indicators; progress reporting; staff work and obligation fulfillment of counterparties reporting; revenue and expense recognition; writing technical tasks; monitoring of performance; performance management entirely; the reduction of the project’s expenditure side by optimizing workflows;

Organizational activity

On the project, I personally engaged in the selection of the staff and contractors, starting from the requirements preparation, the placement of vacancies, conducting interviews, the staff training and finishing with tracking the effectiveness of the employees’ work. I also implemented the system of rewards, that includes remuneration for over fulfilment of the plan and penalties for non-compliance with the project regulations.

Technical part

My previous experience in programming helped me quickly and efficiently close all the technical tasks of the project by involving the developers in the project work.The main achievement can be attributed to the implementation of the bundle of services as a single ecosystem, helping to reduce the time costs for communication with customers.The basis was a custom CRM system implemented under my direct control and in accordance with my technical task.


At the stage of the theory testing, I was searching for promotion channels, buying traffic, negotiating mutually beneficial cooperation with marijuana delivery services and dispensaries.When the theory was confirmed and the project began to earn enough money, I exercised control of the marketing team. (SMM manager, copywriter, SEO specialist, general marketer).

Апрель 2016 — Январь 2017 (10 месяцев)
Middle Software Engineer
Обязанности и достижения

My primary responsibility was UI game development in ActionScript 3.0 for mobile platforms; to provide interface to C++ side of applications and small bug fixing in C++ code.

My secondary responsibility was C++ game development; working with 3D graphics.

Also, I developed internal tools for game development in C++.

Октябрь 2014 — Август 2015 (11 месяцев)
Archer Software
Middle Software Engineer
Обязанности и достижения

It was the project work for two months but after the expiry of contract, due to results of my work, I was offered to further cooperation. Eventually, I worked until we handed over the project.

My primary responsibilities was the development of casino games; the development of game core for video slots.

In this position mainly I worked with following technologies: Flash; Flex; ActionScript 3.0; JavaScript; PureMVC; Jenkins; Bugzilla; Junkbyte flash-console

Май 2012 — Сентябрь 2014 (2 года и 5 месяцев)
Middle Software Engineer
Обязанности и достижения

In this position I grew up from a junior developer after freelance work to the strong middle developer with skills of team work on big projects.

I've started from small minor tasks and towards the end of the work in Realaxy I independently developed and supported big applications.

My primary responsibility in this company was UI development of complex of online applications for real estate demonstration based on Flex 4 technology and ActionScript 3.0; development of Bezier lib (math library which provides easy way to work with Bezier curves and other shapes based on it).

In this position mainly I worked with following technologies: Flash; Flex; ActionScript 3.0; Bezier; SwiftSuspenders; Alternativa3D.

Высшее образование
Сентябрь 2010 — Январь 2012
Прикладной математики и вычислительной техники; ФПМВТ