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Devops lead with more than 8 years of system administration, which includes

Media servers

Load balancing technologies

Cloud technologies

Skills and Awards:

Accounting and Financial: Budgeting;

Agile: Continuous Integration;

Big Data: Apache Spark, Data Storage, Elasticsearch, Grafana, HDFS, MongoDB, Redis, Spark Streaming;

Cloud: AWS CloudFormation, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Import/Export, Akamai, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Route 53, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Assessment and migration, Auto Scaling, CMS hosting in cloud, Citrix XenServer, Cloud database, Compute, Data integration and hybrid cloud, Datacenters, DevOps/Automation, EPAM Orchestration, Elastic Load Balancing, Google App Engine, Image processing in cloud, Internet, KVM, L3, Networking, Open Source development for Cloud Computing, Open source XEN, OpenStack, Oracle VM, Others, Private cloud, Rackspace Cloud, Security, Terraform, VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere, Video encoding in cloud, openvpn;

Content management: Alfresco, Confluence, Drush, WordPress, Zend Framework 1, django CMS, phpBB;

Education and Research: Education and Research;

Electronics and Electrical: Electronics and Electrical;

Embedded: CIFS, Ceph, DNS, Ethernet, Ext2/3/4, Linux kernel, NFS, Pacemaker, REST, Security, WiFi, XFS, ZFS, iSCSI;

Enterprise Applications: Controlling, Java, Web Services;

Game Development: Unity;

General: Conflict solving, Management;

Human Resource: Education management, Motivation, Personnel assessment, Trainings;

Information Security: Linux Security Modules;

Integration: RabbitMQ;

Java: Apache Tomcat, Eclipse IDE, Grails, Groovy, IntelliJ IDEA, Jetty Servlet Container, Liferay, log4j 2;

MediaEntertainment Business Models: Advertising VOD (ADVOD), Video On Demand (VOD);

MediaEntertainment Strategy: Vendor Evaluation Selection;

MediaEntertainment Technology Areas: Brightcove, Google Analytics, HLS, Samsung, Starforce, Transcoding, Video Encoding, Video Streaming, Wowza Streaming Engine, YouTube;

Microsoft Technologies: PowerShell;

Miscellaneous Software Engineering Tools and Methods: Android OS, Cacti, Cobbler / Koan / Kickstart, Docker, FreeBSD, FreeBSD Jails, HP Service Manager, Kubernetes, Latex, Linux, Linux Containers Technology (LXC), Logstash, Mac OS, Munin, Nagios, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OpenOffice, Oracle VirtualBox, Otrs, QEMU, Siebel CRM, SugarCRM, Sun Solaris, Unix, VMware Server, VMware Workstation, Vagrant, Vim, ZABBIX;

Mobile: PhoneGap/Cordova, Titanium, Unreal Engine 4, WebRTC;

Physics: Physics;

Software Configuration Management: BitBucket, CMake, CVS, Debian Packaging System, GNU Autoconf, GNU Automake, Git, GitHub, Gitlab, Jenkins, Make, Mercurial, Opscode Chef, Packer, Puppet, RPM, Saltstack, Solaris Package System, Subversion, TeamCity;

Software Construction: AWK, Android SDK, Apache HTTP Server, Bash, Borland Delphi, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, Django, Elasticsearch, Flash Media Server, HAProxy, Hadoop, ISC BIND, LDAP, MemcacheDB, Memcached, MongoDB, MySQL, OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OAuth, Oracle, Oracle SQL Developer, PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL, PostgreSQL, PowerDNS, PyCharm, Python, Red5 Media Server, Redis, Regular Expressions, Ruby, SQL, SQLAlchemy, SQLite, SSH, Sphinx Search, Squid, Toad for Oracle, UNIX shell scripting, Varnish, Xcode, nginx;

Software Engineering Management: Bugzilla, JIRA, Mantis, Project Management, Redmine;

Spoken Languages: English, Russian;

Support: Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Systems Engineering;

Talent Acquisition: Interviewing candidates, Researching candidates;

Telecommunications: Telecommunications;

Testing: Apache JMeter, Google Test, Grinder, Selenium, Tsung, Web Applications Security Testing.

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