Обо мне

-11 years in commercial development (backend, desktop, mobile);

-fluent c++ (c++11/14/STL/boost);

-strong background in algorithms and data structures, including graph search and sort algorithms, content-oriented search (DAWG based data structures)

-strong background in os internals / parallel systems functioning -developing for modern operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux );

-architecture design experience;

-experience with scripting languages: Python, Ruby, Javascript

-experience with different APIs including POSIX (threads, sockets), OpenGL and more specific APIs (e.g. crypto api);

-experience using SDKs: WinAPI, Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, Qt

-networking software including high loaded services dev experience

-db experience (SQL, mongodb);

-experience with server side development (nodejs, c++, java) and DevOps;

It's even more - most of tasks require individual set of tools, knowledge and approach. I’m keen on learning new stuff and do it fast - background really matters.

I led small dev teams using scrum-based methodology. I have strong english skills (upper intermediate).

My current areas of professional interest: mobile, machine learning, high loaded services, natural language processing.

Опыт работы
Разработка облачных решений для совместной работы со всеми типами документов, обмена сообщениями и хранения файлов.
Senior Software Engineer
Октябрь 2014 — По настоящее время (4 года и 9 месяцев)
Office core development and support (bugfixing) Tizen Office client development (architecture / event subsystem / networking services)
Высшее образование
Новосибирский государственный технический университет
Факультет: Автоматики и вычислительной техники; АВТФ
Сентябрь 2002—Июнь 2007 (4 года и 9 месяцев)
Вычислительные машины, системы, комплексы и сети