Готовим обзор зарплат в IT за 1-е полугодие 2018. А вот какой интересный обзор у нас получился в прошлом году. Помогите нам сделать новый обзор максимально полезным для всех, расскажите о своей зарплате
Обо мне

Self-motivated, open-minded Backend Developer with four years of experience who loves working with open source technologies. Focused mainly on the development of complex server-side applications with the use of Python-based web and network frameworks, as well as a wide range of other tools.

Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
Май 2016 — по настоящее время (2 года и 2 месяца)
Vimpelcom Ltd
Senior Software Engineer
Обязанности и достижения
The vendor bought the whole team of developers from FutureAction to provide development of the order management system on their side.
Июнь 2014 — Март 2016 (1 год и 10 месяцев)
Python Developer
Обязанности и достижения
The company is a large-scale digital agency with corporate clients, such as Volkswagen, Bosch, MSD, and the like. I am part of the development team of 14 focused on the in-house order management system for a large telecom provider. The system is designed to manage retail orders coming from various front-end sources (online stores, mobile apps, retail stores, etc.) for a whole range of consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, tablets, handheld devices, etc. Heavily involved in the development of a stock management system that facilitates goods transferring between warehouses around the country. Built the entire delivery system. Also spent a great deal of time designing and developing APIs for numerous integrated services. Technologies used: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis.
Октябрь 2013 — Май 2014 (8 месяцев)
Backend Developer
Обязанности и достижения
A small start-up devoted to developing a private accommodation booking system. I was responsible for all back-end services done in Python, such as accommodation listings, the logic behind booking management (reservation, cancellation), user profiles, feedback pages, etc. Used service-oriented architecture to provide scalability and high availability. Set up communication between services with ZeroMQ. Developed accommodation listings aggregator in Erlang to afford highly available, non-stop service for working with thousands of HTTP connections. Technologies used: Python, Django, Erlang, Tastypie, Redis.
Июнь 2011 — Ноябрь 2013 (2 года и 6 месяцев)
Full-Stack Web Developer
Обязанности и достижения
Part of a small team of developers focused mainly on building affordable websites for small to medium-sized businesses. Had primarily been responsible for everything from front-end development to back-end development and server administration of client's websites. Developed an order management system for various websites oriented toward tourists for a car rental company. Technologies used: Python, Django, JavaScript.
Высшее образование
Сентябрь 2012 — Май 2014
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