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Специализация и профессиональные навыки:
Knowledge of algorithms and data structures, principles of object-oriented design.

Proficiency with Java and C#.

Web application development with Java (Spring, Hibernate) and .NET stacks (ASP.NET MVC).

Database schema design and SQL-query optimization with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Knowledge of basic machine learning concepts.

Experienced with many popular version control systems (Git, Mercurial, SVN, Perforce) and continuous integration systems (TeamCity, Jenkins).

Опыт работы
Май 2015 — по настоящее время (3 года и 2 месяца)
Software Engineer 2
Обязанности и достижения
Разработка Bing Multimedia API и UI для Bing Multimedia
Январь 2014 — Май 2015 (1 год и 5 месяцев)
Software Development Engineer
Обязанности и достижения
Обязанности: - Development of tools for Bing image and video relevance teams for scraping search engines, sending results for judgment and calculating metrics.
Январь 2013 — Декабрь 2014 (2 года)
Faidon Design AB
Java Developer
Обязанности и достижения
Обязанности: - Development of an enterprise system for a cleaning services company that features scheduling of cleanings, automatic free time slots detection and report generation
Август 2012 — Январь 2013 (6 месяцев)
Playtox Inc.
Java Developer
Обязанности и достижения
Достижения: - Development of browser games for mobile devices with 20,000 daily active users with Java, Wicket and Hibernate frameworks
Сентябрь 2010 — Июнь 2012 (1 год и 10 месяцев)
ООО "Исследовательские системы"
C# Developer
Обязанности и достижения
Достижения: - Studied and developed classification and clustering algorithms - Developed data mining tool (an algorithms library in C# and it's integration with IronPython) - Developed SOA-application with WCF for scheduling computational tasks - Worked on the implementation of operation research algorithms for medical institutes with MSSQL Server and LINQ to SQL
Высшее образование
Январь 2008 — Январь 2012
Информационных технологий; ФИТ