Готовим обзор зарплат в IT за 1-е полугодие 2018. А вот какой интересный обзор у нас получился в прошлом году. Помогите нам сделать новый обзор максимально полезным для всех, расскажите о своей зарплате
Обо мне

My knowledge of programming languages and systems administration allows me to integrate and automate much of my work.

Stable uptime of intranet-services and highload web-projects.

Tens of successfully completed projects at Upwork with over 2800 hours worked.

I'm ready to make your services running 24/7/365(6) with uptime more than 99%.

Ideally, to be incorporated in the work of the software developers - they are my favorite and grateful users. I prefer to work in a strong DevOps' and SysOps' team.

Here is a brief sampling of skills and technologies I am currently working with:

Configuration management and deployment: Ansible, Chef, Vagrant, Capistrano

Continuous Integration: Jenkins

SCM: Git

Scripting: Bash, Ruby, Python, JavaScript

Cloud platforms and API: AWS, DigitalOcean, Softlayer, Rackspace, Linode, Mandrill, Twilio

DB: MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB

Virtualization hypervizors and containers: Docker, Kubernetes, DEIS, OpenVZ, LXC, VMware vSphere, oVirt, KVM, VirtualBox

Monitoring: Zabbix, Nagios/Icinga, Munin, Cacti, Monit

Load balancers: HAProxy, Nginx

App servers: Phusion Passenger, Apache Tomcat

Web Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, AngularJS

BDD: RSpec, Capybara, Selenium

My code examples and participation in Open Source projects available at GitHub: https://github.com/freeminder.

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