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Май 2012 — по настоящее время (5 лет и 6 месяцев)
staff-centre.com, netbee.ua
Ruby/Ruby on Rails Developer
Обязанности и достижения
1. Planned Maintenance System (Office module) Full-featured customisable multilevel tree of components is a major feature of office module. This tree can be used to represent any complex nested data structures and interconnection of their properties, not only for representation of vessel units, but for modeling any multilevel linked hierarchies of elements (tree of automobile units, encyclopedic catalogue, power plant hierarchy of components, representation of machinery unit, hierarchy of goods for online store etc.). It is exceptionally good for modeling any regular maintenance system. 2. Incontro Set of automated tools for data conversion, optimisation and backup. Used to reorganise and optimise for query performance essential data collected by different applications and tools during the recent decade. Acts as a bridge between old Clarion applications backed by Microsoft SQL Server, and new modern web ecosystem, based on Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Angular.js and MySQL. Main Incontro advantages are flexibility and extensibility combined with fail-safe periodic background data actualisation with minimal Microsoft SQL server load. Incontro significantly reduces operational expenses by eliminating personal adaptation costs, because all previously developed applications continue to be used, but data generated by them automatically becomes available to all newly developed products. Data produced by Incontro is used by all applications within new Rails-based ecosystem, including critical authorisation service shared by all modern components. 3. Assessment Real-time dynamic non-blocking configurable assessment system with versioning support. Assessment system allows implementing tests of any complexity with variety of settings and customisable test completion criteria.
Август 2010 — Май 2012 (1 год и 10 месяцев)
Информационно Вычислительный Центр УкрЖД
Инженер-электроник, инженер-программист