Обо мне

Full Stack programmer with a lot of experience.

Languages, technologies and frameworks. I work with:

Frontend :

Javascript(Babel es2015-2017), JQuery, BackboneJS, AngularJS. React+Redux, TypeScript

Assembly systems: Grunt, Gulp, Webpack

For layout: Sass, CSS3, Bootstrap, UIkit


Java - Spring, Play, Spark, Ninja

PHP - Yii2, Phalcon, PHPixie, Laravel, Lumen, Zend, Symfony, Bitrix framework

Python - Django, Flask, Bottle

Node.js - Express, Sails.js, Meteor

Go - Beego, Revel

Mobile applications:


Cross-platform - QT, React Native, NativeScript, Cordova, Ionic


OS: Linux - Centos, Debian, Bash

I work с GIT, SVN.

Requirement - An adequate employer with adequate payment!

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