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System Administrator / DevOps / MCSE / MCSA

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

MCSE: Productivity — Certified 2017

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure — Certified 2018

MCSA: Windows Server 2016

Опыт работы
Finstar Group - Infinto
System Administrator / DevOps
Октябрь 2016 — По настоящее время (3 года и 3 месяца)

I have experience with things below

Cloud Datacenters:


- IaaS (VNET,VMSets,NLB,Storage)

- PaaS (WebApps)

- Automation (Powershell DSC, ARM Template, Functions)

- Identities (Azure AD, AD Connect, Hybrid)

- Workspace (Office365 all services)


- IaaS (EC2, EBS, ELB, S3, Glacier, VPC, CloudWatch)

- PaaS (ElastiCache,Route53)

- Automation (Lambda)

- Identities (AD Connector, IAM)

IBM Softlayer IaaS

Alibaba Cloud (ECS,SLB,ApsaraDB for Redis,VPC,OSS)

Dev Tools:


- Git

- Teamcity

- Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence)


- Windows Servers(any version, any role)

- MSSQL Server



- AD



- Ubuntu

- Centos

- HAproxy

- Redis


- Powershell DSC

- Terraform


- Zabbix



- Powershell DSC cert ecnryption

- Powershell Just Enough

- AD Certificate Authority

- Security Audit (MSSQL, Windows)

Server Center
System Administrator / DevOps Engineer
Март 2015 — По настоящее время (4 года и 10 месяцев)
Windows System Administrator Administering Windows systems in the organization. 1.Configuring and optimization of the processing system of tax reporting. 2.Migration domain from 2003 to 2012 R2 3.Migration mail server to Exchange 2003-> Exchange 2010-> Exchange2013 4.Migration and unification of the two domains, the subsidiary and main. 5.Deploy terminal farm on Windows 2012 R2. 6.Migration site of a Windows 2003 IIS -> Windows 2012 R2 IIS 7.Migration print server with Windows 2003 -> Windows 2012 R2 8.Migration MSSQL 2000 DB -> MSSQL -2014 9.Migration Enterprise Portal Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 -> Sharepoint 2013 10.Integration services Sharepoint 2013 Project Server 2013 Exchange 2013 (synchronization tasks, calendars, Sharepoint lists, setting up personal websites) 11.Configure Office Web App 2013 with Sharepoint 2013 and Exchange 2013 12.Configure virtual machine on Vmware virtualization. 13.Configure monitoring of virtual machines in Zabbix 14.Automation tasks through on Powershell scripts 15.Configure Hyper-V cluster on Windows 2012 R2.
Group of companies Green Island
System Administrator
Март 2014 — Февраль 2015 (1 год)
System Administrator Administering Windows / Linux servers, virtualization, Vmware ESXI, operation and troubleshooting server hardware Blade system Dell PowerEdge, Netapp, configuration storage. Administration of servers: 1.Active Directory Windows Server 2012R2 2.Mail Server Exchange 2013 (1 node) 3.Deploy Zabbix monitoring system Centos (monitoring of communication channels and network equipment, server monitoring and important Windows. Linux services, Vmware virtualization, server room monitoring, the SIP telephony monitoring) 4.Deploy farm of terminal servers 2012 R2 for thin clients. 5.Deploy Lync 2013 + sip telephony integration (Freeswitch). Edge server, FrontEnd, Lync Trusted Application Server. Connecting mobile clients, the general numbering plan with FreeSWITCH, call routing, shared contact lists, integration with Exchange 2013. 6.Web server on Centos (apache, mysql, php, bitrix) 7.Configure 1C Application server, 1C Web server, MSSQL 2014. 8.Deploy and configure RADIUS server. 9.Pack applications in VmWare ThinApp 10.Configure switches L2, (IPMPB, ACL, VLAN, Routing)
Делаем ставку на технологии
Specialist support of operating systems
Декабрь 2012 — Март 2014 (1 год и 4 месяца)
Administering Windows / Linux servers, virtualization Vmware ESXI, operation and troubleshooting server hardware HP Blade c7000, IBM Storwize V7000, storage configuration, backup systems on HP MSL tape library. Administration of servers: 1.Active Directory Windows Server 2008R2 2.Mail Servers Exchange 2010 (HUB, CAS, DAG) 3.Deploy and configure Windows Server 2008R2 file server 4.Deploy Symantec corporate antivirus. 5.Deploy server Jabber Openfire, on RHEL 6.Install and configure Print-server, the WDS server 7.Deploy WSUS update server 8.Configure Cacti on RHEL 9.Deploy Sharepoint 2010 (holiday setting registration process for the personnel department, surveys, shared documents) GPO settings, on the Powershell scripting, working with SCOM monitoring system, the NLB cluster configuration, the ARR for web portals.
George Dental Group
System Administrator
Июнь 2011 — Ноябрь 2012 (1 год и 6 месяцев)
1.Administration servers, Windows 2008, FreeBSD, Gentoo 2.Configure iptables (masquerading, forwarding, port closures, logging, packet marking) 3.Configure iproute2, ipset, syslog-ng, configuring GRE tunnel, static routing 4.Deploy corporate Jabber server ejabberd on Gentoo, integration with Active Directory 5.Configure squid (transparent proxy) 6.Configure samba with authorization in the AD, entering computers into domain (roaming profile on the samba, configure GPO, configure ACL) 7.Creation encryption containers to Gentoo, the ability to work with tcpdump 8.Deploy and configure GLPI - Information Resource Manager (Helpdesk system, inventory hardware, software,reports) 9.Configure L2TP server (xl2tpd) 10.Administration and configure information system for stomatology, 4 bases on the firebird, with a replica, the creation of various reports (sql queries). More than 100 workstations, 6 branches, 12 servers.
Высшее образование
Владивостокский государственный университет экономики и сервиса; ДВГТИ; ДВТИ
Факультет: Институт информатики, инноваций и бизнес-систем (ИИИБС)
Сентябрь 2007—Июль 2011 (3 года и 10 месяцев)
Прикладная информатика в экономике, Бакалавр