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Специализация и профессиональные навыки:
Investment Banking, Finance, Consulting

Членство в обществах и ассоциациях:
CFA charterholder
ACCA (papers up to 2.3)

Опыт работы
Июль 2007 — по настоящее время (11 лет и 8 месяцев)
Equity Derivatives Trader
Обязанности и достижения
Just life Trading RTS futures (execution of client orders) Futures vs Spot basket arbitrage on FORTS Trading and structuring OTC option strategies with clients Good relationships with most of Russian domestic clients and International accounts doing EM Trading options on Russian underlyings on FORTS (RTS) and EDX Trading options on US underlyings on OCC exchanges (small volumes, not a core business) Running greeks profile reports and skew analysis Generation of trading ideas in the scope of Equity Structured Products
Январь 2006 — Июль 2007 (1 год и 7 месяцев)
Обязанности и достижения
Technical excellence Good knowledge of IFRS and RAS reporting & standards. A lot of audit projects in consumer and industrial sectors. Projects: Alcoa, Bacardi, Bayer, Dixy, DuPont, Euroset, Eurochem, MAXI-group, Metalloinvest, Nutricia, OMZ, S.P.I. Trade, PNTZ, United Bakers, etc
Сентябрь 2003 — Декабрь 2005 (2 года и 4 месяца)
Обязанности и достижения
Стремительная жизнь More than 15 projects related to Strategy, HR and Political consulting. Analysis of reforms in Russia, analysis of company problems, development of corporate strategy, elaboration and providing of trainings, assessment of personnel, development of methodology of advertising campaign.
Высшее образование
Январь 2002 — Январь 2007