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Self-motivated, goal oriented person. Web development skills with Node.js and React.js. Database development with MongoDB, Redis and SQL Server. Strong skills in remote team management.

Профессиональные навыки
Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Июнь 2017 — по настоящее время (1 год и 2 месяца)
Senior Backend Developer
Май 2014 — Март 2017 (2 года и 11 месяцев)
Full Stack Web Developer
Обязанности и достижения
Simulata is a startup with a mission to help instructors to run business training sessions. I designed system architecture and was responsible for both front-end and back-end development. Technology stack: Node.js, MongoDB, Angular 1, Socket.io.
Июнь 2012 — Апрель 2014 (1 год и 11 месяцев)
stylemarks GmbH
Lead Developer
Обязанности и достижения
stylemarks is a marketplace for young fashion designers. I led technical development from the beginning and was responsible for remote dev team management, translating requirements into tech specifications and creating system architecture. Technology stack: API, developed using node.js +MongoDB + Redis, IOS app and web app, developed using ASP.NET MVC + knockout.js.
Октябрь 2010 — Октябрь 2012 (2 года и 1 месяц)
Lead Developer
Обязанности и достижения
I was invited to join a startup as early employee and lead developer. The idea was to build a parental control service, where parents would collaborate on potential threat identification. Solution included software program for PC, IOS and Android apps as well as managing web interface for parents. So that parents got access to activities of their kids across different devices. As a developer I took part in web (ASP.NET MVC + knockout.js) and API (ASP.NET MVC + MSSQL) development. In addition I participated in several startup competitions and pitched to investors as a startup’s representative. On Web Ready 2011 Care4Teen was awarded with special prize from Megafon (mobile carrier company in Russia).
Январь 2009 — Январь 2011 (2 года и 1 месяц)
Casting Networks, Inc.
Senior ASP.NET MVC developer
Обязанности и достижения
As a part of remote team I created architecture for few parts of the project for USA fashion agencies, developed new code and maintained old one.
Апрель 2007 — Июль 2010 (3 года и 4 месяца)
Internet Logistics Limited.
Lead Developer, founder
Обязанности и достижения
It was the startup that tried to build search engine for used equipment. I started it with two my friends and was responsible for creating software architecture and developing code. We managed to develop a product but failed to make it successful.
Декабрь 2005 — Апрель 2007 (1 год и 5 месяцев)
Aparti Systems
Project Manager
Обязанности и достижения
I was invited to lead development of new online booking system in Russia. My responsibilities included team management, creation system architecture, collecting requirements and translating it into technical specifications, hiring people. We managed to create solution and install it in 30 hotels in Saint-Petersburg.
Декабрь 2004 — Декабрь 2005 (1 год и 1 месяц)
.NET Developer
Обязанности и достижения
As a developer I participated in several CMMI5 projects for DELL EMEA.
Высшее образование
Сентябрь 1999 — Июнь 2005
Физико-механический; ФМехФ
Специализация и достижения