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Обо мне

Acquired qualities

I easily and quickly learn, assiduous and to the extent of stress is stable. I find motivation for work and try to be open to new ideas. I support communication in the environment for teamwork.

I develop analytical skills for decision-making. Disciplined in work ethic.

Foreign languages

English: basic, technical, spoken, writing

Polish: basic

Ukrainian – native Russian – native

Skills and personal experience:


- focused on details, reliability and innovative solutions

- Initiative and focus on quality

Skills in business and e-commerce

- drawing up a business plan and strategic plan

- calculation and preparation of the annual production plan, introduction of new products and preliminary profitability

- costs and budget for the promotion of the project

- projected warehouse balances and minimum inventory

- practical experience of active sales

- development in the regions of distribution and representation, doing business B2B full cycle

- organization of production infrastructure with subcontractors and a closed production cycle

Skills in the field of IT-technologies

- Possession of technical English, both written and oral

- level of technical work on the computer - Word, Excel, QuickBase and Outlook

- the ability to communicate via e-mail company, the messenger

- Junior level - Java, C ++, PHP, MySQL, Qt, Assembler, Git, QA, TCP / IP, UE, UI, XML, HTML, CSS

- AutoCAD user level

- programming, starting, debugging modules and sensors for various tasks

- technology of data collection through parser, script

- processing of large data sets Big Data

Skills for production

- basic reading skills with the ability to comprehend, perform routine detailed manufacturing instructions and standardize work with constant supervision

- Precision measuring equipment, electrical testing equipment and computer databases

- Ability to work with a hand tool and computer tool

- experience with semi-automatic production equipment with CNC

- experience in assembling and repairing electromechanical components

- Diagnosis and adjustment of ignition of 2-and 4-stroke carburetor engines

- adjustment and repair of 2 and 4-stroke carburettors

- Repair of 2 and 4-stroke carburetor engines

- ability to perform repetitive duties

- ability to lift 15-45 kg

Skills of technical specialization

- calculation and technical knowledge of thermodynamics

- knowledge of physics and chemistry at the level of technical processes

- Welding and commissioning of fiber-optic lines

- welding gas, electric arc, TIG / MAG

Skills in construction

- reading technical documentation

- installation and commissioning of input and distribution boards 220 and 380V

- installation of start-up, adjustment of heating systems

Опыт работы
Февраль 2010 — по настоящее время (8 лет и 6 месяцев)
Обязанности и достижения
Производство, продажа, посредничество, консультации, дистрибуция, оптовая торговля, resale
Высшее образование
Октябрь 1998 — Июнь 2003
Компьютерной инженерии и управления; КИУ
Среднее специальное образование
Октябрь 1990 — Июнь 1993
уч. 1, Профессиональное