Senior Backend Developer (Golang, Kubernetes)

16 мая 2017 • 4628 просмотров
Описание вакансии

Helium is a Venture Builder that identifies market opportunities for tech businesses, builds them and hires world-class teams to scale them. The team is distributed globally with a primary base out of the UK. We’re a 11-person agile team, working on exciting problems with cutting edge technology.

We have two products:

Air is a brand new product that we’ll be launching. We are building a next generation HR platform to help business owners manage the people side of their business. Our mission is to help businesses build happy and productive teams. Air combines great UX for the HR basics with flexibility through an app store which allows users to extend functionality and integrate it with other software (like Slack, Xero and other tools). Air is an opportunity to get involved right at the start of new product that’s on the forefront of productivity software with a team that has lots of experience from other projects. is a fast growing discovery platform that helps people decide what to eat. Tracks people’s food preferences for food personalisation, allows users to save recipes into a personal cookbook and create shopping lists that connect into online grocery stores. Our application is seen by over 40m people every month and we work with the largest food manufacturers, retailers and publishers in the US, UK and Australia.

Whisk accolades include a ranking in UK’s Top 50 Startups 2015 and winning multiple industry awards. Dan Cobley, MD Google UK/Ireland said “Whisk is making the moment to buy really matter”.

You + Helium

We’re looking for people who get as excited about tech and our products as we do! You'll be expected to work closely with the everyone in the business, including the founders of the ventures. To make a decision on whether you want to join our team have a read of:

1. Our company values

2. Read on to see the role specifics

The role

Although Scala at the moment Scala is the primary programming language for Whisk backend, there are couple of new modules using Golang which were introduced recently. The system works as a set of microservices talking to each other through gRPC (Protobuf), which are running on top of Kubernetes. We use number of database technologies tailored to services specific needs: MongoDB, Mysql, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, Redis.

Architecture include real-time data processing layer built on top of Google Cloud Dataflow and PubSub.

We are looking for senior engineer to become part of backend team and continue driving Whisk technology forward. The starter project is about building chatbot on Facebook Messenger Platform

Your qualification

  • Strong Go language and ecosystem knowledge
  • 6+ months of Golang production experience
  • 3+ years of software development experience
  • Solid experience in working with distributed systems and databases
  • Designing API
  • Experience with cloud platforms, devops
  • Knowledge of docker ecosystem


  • Building distributed environments with Kubernetes
  • Experience running and monitoring/tracing gRPC services
  • Familiarity with Mongodb, Mysql, ElasticSearch, Neo4j
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience with stream processing engines (Storm, Spark, Google Cloud Dataflow)
  • Experience with Machine Learning and NLP
  • Experience with JVM Platform and Scala in particular

- Viktor Taranenko ( )

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Please describe your experience about running Go in production.

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