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I manage an international team of web-analytics and CRO professionals (http://stony.me/services/) and we are hiring a project manager to join our team.

Our clients are medium-sized businesses and startups mainly from US, Australia and Canada.

We are searching for a project manager with at least 1 year of experience in PM.

Russian (yes, we have some Russian clients too) and English working proficiency (both written and spoken) is a must.

Experience working with web-analytics (as a manager or a specialist) or CRO services is a big plus. Otherwise we can help you learn about web-analytics and CRO on the way.

Your duty will be to manage web-analytics (most of the projects), CRO (a bit fewer), SEO and web-development (once in a while) projects for our clients, including:- working using our processes and instructions- everyday communication with clients and project team in text and by voice (English and Russian)- reporting on the projects status- helping clients estimate budget and timelines for new tasks they have.

There will be 4-6 week probation period, where you'll learn how we work, working with several small clients. After successful probation you may start working with bigger and more interesting clients.

It is remote full-time work with quite flexible working schedule and competitive salary.

If you are interested, please apply to the vacancy with description of your relative experience, why you liked this position and why you think you are a great candidate for it.



Full-time in our team is 120 hours a month. Extra hours are paid separately.

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