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Site Reliability Engineer (Linux)

05 июля 2018 • 557 просмотров
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We are hiring! We @velcom are working on deploying one more Cloud platform in addition to existing VMware public Cloud. This one will focus on different market segment, addressing specific DevOps requirements. We deploy new Cloud on Cloudstack / KVM -based environment, powered by Exoscale.ch.

Engineering team works on all aspects of the product - from developing products, to their operation and support. Candidates expected to be strongly familiar with UNIX, as well as key networking concepts. Knowledge of one or more of Clojure, Python, or Go will put candidates at an advantage as well as familiarity with cluster orchestration environments. As users of platform itself, engineers also take active part in improving products.

We are hiring primarily native Russian speakers with strong conversational English:

- Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer focusing on ensuring constant availability of the platform. Site reliability engineers maintain a wide range of products and technology stack. Hardware operations also expected, with good x86 server diagnostics skills.

FYI: velcom is member of A1 Telecom Austria Group, who is member of even more global America Movil (AMX). Exoscale became member of A1 TAG last year.

This is great opportunity for experts not only by working in international company, but also by contributing to world-class digital business with high ambitions!

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