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We're a small team (8 people) working on an open source search engine Manticore Search and we're looking for a marketing director who will take care of everything related with marketing:

  • marketing strategy that will increase our brand awareness and generate new users and leads
  • content plan including blogposts, twitter and other SMs including writing and proof-reading content
  • email marketing
  • paid ads
  • applying growth hacking techniques


  • big experience in marketing
  • understanding that it's a director position, you will have to direct marketing and generate tasks for yourself and others, not wait for someone to do that for you
  • understanding that no visible results will mean you're doing your job bad and that the company won't be ready to pay for such service
  • understanding of 'fail fast' and 'try and fail' things
  • good command of English (mostly working on US/EU markets)
  • technical background (best if you have experience with search engines or at least databases)
  • understanding open source marketing
  • understanding how a small company is different from a big corporation and that your responsibilities may change fast in time
  • readiness to have a Skype call in English


  • 30 vacation/holiday/sick days a year you can choose yourself
  • remote work
  • we can compensate expenses for your work space

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Send your CV and how you think you can help us in English to hr@manticoresearch.com

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