Готовим обзор зарплат в IT за 1-е полугодие 2018. А вот какой интересный обзор у нас получился в прошлом году. Помогите нам сделать новый обзор максимально полезным для всех, расскажите о своей зарплате
Обо мне

More than 20 years of developing with Delphi. I begun on Delphi 2 in far 1996. Now my work tool is a Delphi Seattle. Most of the time I created the client-server systems. In the past years web and mobile (mosly Android) development has been added.

My valueable achievments are
  • The Dispatching system of tram and trolley municipal transport department of 1000000-population city. Includes an interactive map, client app for the dispatchers, the server of gathering and handling data, web server. Used technologies: DirectX, GPS/GLONASS, REST, SQL (Firebird & MySQL) etc
  • A scrutineer system for handling a dancesport competitions. Includes server and client parts for stuff, android app for adjucators, web-part for online registration and airport-like information panel for participants. It has been attested and approved by national dance sport federation.
  • A commercial system for the drug store networks. Includes work places for the cashiers and storage workers and remote web server for handling discount card system.
  • Photo booth software interconnecting with a Canon SLR cameras and professional photo printers.
  • Last time as a part of one startup I made a UBER-like taxi client and server. Delphi, Android, PHP
All that systems were created from scratch. I was a "full stack developer"

So, in brief

  • strong skills - Delphi, Firebird and Postgres SQL
  • medium level - PHP, site and promo materials design
  • just a little - JS, C++
  • never touched - C#, Oracle
Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
Январь 2004 — по настоящее время (14 лет и 7 месяцев)
ИП Крапоткин В.Л.
индивидуальный предприниматель