О компании

Группа компаний Русбиз работает в Москве с 1999 года

В группу входят порталы на русском и английском языках: Rusbiz, Knolee, Softinvest, Trouvus

Головной офис компании находится в Торонто, Канада.

Основные направления деятельности компании

Разработка программного обеспечения для собственных проектов

В настоящее время мы производим набор специалистов по переработке работающего на Питоне сайта (электронная коммерция), работа в офисе в Москве, р-н ВДНХ

Краткая информация о некоторых наших проектах:

Rusbiz.com is an online Business to Business Portal with facilities like Marketplace, Aggregated Electronic Catalog and Sales and Procurement Management, where buyers and sellers come together to communicate, collaborate and conduct business.

Rusbiz.com, since its launch in September of 2002, within a very short period became a primer destination for thousands of small and mid size companies from all corners of the world. A division of ZAO Sozvezdie Nakosy, Rusbiz.com is built by experienced business professionals, who understand what companies need to do effective online business.

Rusbiz is committed to provide top quality services to its members and constantly introduces new services, required to conduct efficient e-business. Our business strategy focuses on our members’ needs; and creation of long-term relationships with each and every member based on reliance, trust, mutual respect and high levels of customer service.

Knolee Library (Knolee) is a content repository for electronic texts, photos and links to Knolee Ezine is a collection of business related high quality materials

Knolee provides an opportunity for authors and publishers to promote themselves and receive incomes from their topnotch content. Once you become a Knolee member you get your personal account and p informed on its balance. Once the material added by you is published in Knolee Library you start receiving benefits from it. Once you fill in and setup your web profile, it becomes your free ads space on our website (moreover, you receive incomes for that, too).

We plan to restructure and modify Knolee into an online shopping community bringing together stores, products and people into a single social platform. Users would be able to purchase products off the app after it directs them to the website

Trouvus is a recommender system startup.

«СофтИнвест» - российская компания, специализирующаяся в области создания и внедрения систем электронной коммерции, электронных торговых площадок, электронных каталогов, систем управления закупками, расходами, счетами, платежами, контрактами, источниками финансирования и т.д.

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